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  1. Any Updates? Hope it will be soon release. This plane looks really cool.
  2. Hello there, I have desited to make a Scenery auf Glasglow. I have found a lot of datas of this aiport and I love this aiport. But now I am stucked with "How can I start develop my Scenery. I will use Blender and I have also experience with this great program. But I develop last time only planes so I have no experience creating a custom scenery. The first thing I dont now how could I add ground textures that the runway looks more realsitic and the hole areal of the airport. I think it is like a Mesh. Then with what I have then to go one? Making the Hangars ect. and add them with WED? Are the
  3. Hello guys, I have worked on the L-188 since a few weeks ago with a friend. Now he has left X-Plane 10 for some resions and I would like to ask is anybody interest to help me to continue the work of this great plane. Here you have some pictures of the current status: I hope someone will help me Best greets Nikita
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