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  1. Hi all, a first look at PMDGs DC-6!
  2. Thanks alot, again, kickremi, for you kind words!
  3. Thanks alot for your help guys! The result is, well, expected, that is, no problems whatsoever involving SkyMaxx/Gizmo specifically. When going clean (i.e., reinstall etc), your creations do not seem to cause any conflict. I have a remaining problem with Airfoillabs C172, but which most likely isn't involving SkyMazz/Gizmo. First of all other planes (plugins) works perfectly - and that means many more planes than those I had problems with earlier - and, secondly, while the symtoms are the same for the AFL172, the plugins do in fact load (i.e, its DreamEngine and SASL plugins), and it make
  4. Thanks for quick response (both of you)! However, I don’t really understand your reasoning (also concerning both of you). Do you mean its solely DreamEngine’s fault that something involving SkyMaxx/Gizmo stops it from loading? First of all, I guess you didn’t red the post I linked to (or the log.txts). For it is not only about DreamEngine. It is also – at least, these are the planes I’ve been trying systematically with as of yet– the plugins for Airfoillabs 172SP, SSG 747-8, Colimatas F18 SuperHornet, X-Tridents Bell 412, and Dreamfoils Bell 407. All of their plugins wor
  5. Hi, I just figured this problem, i.e., that Silverlining/SkyMaxx v3.3.1 makes the DreamEngine plugin and some other plugins to not load (on for example AFL 172 SP, SSG 748, Colimatas F18); for a while I thought Gizmo was the culprit – and sent a message also in the Gizmo forum (http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/9045-gixmo-stops-dreamengine-and-other-plugins-to-load-not-sasl/…) – but just realized that it seems to be independent problems. They each, by themselves, makes the plugins to not load. I cannot say when this problem started, as I have used a work around for a while (se
  6. Thanks for quick response! Really strange issue, I agree. The only thing I've changed recently I can imagine affecting things, is the X-Plane update to 10.45. Some new findings also: when only SilverLining (ie, not RWC nor Gizmo) is loaded, the DreamEngine plugin loads, but not other plugins, such as for the AFL 172 and F18. None of the plugins for the latter two crafts loads. But for some reason the Bell 412 still works perfectly (including its plugin(s) in addition to DreamEngine). So the case is that, when Silverlining is loaded together with Gizmo, it stops DreamEngine from
  7. Edit: just realized that it is not only Gizmo which causes the problem: If I move Gizmo out, and put SilverLining/SkyMaxx and RWC back in the plugin folder, the same issue occurs. It cannot be RWC itself, though, as I bough that on yesterday. I'm getting even more confused: what is it about Gizmo and SkyMaxx which has happened recently? As for SkyMaxx, it cannot be due to the 3.1 and 3.1.1 updates, as the problem occured earlier. Neither can it be due to v3, as it was released (and I bought it) before the problem started. Neither is the problem the combination of Gizmo or SilverLining/Sk
  8. Hi, I been going crazy about this issue for a while, which I just realized depend on the Gizmo plugin. It all started some time ago when I realized that the DreamEngine plugin and some other plugins (such as for example X-Tridents 412 and, recently, Colimatas F18) did not load during start. If I however used the XReload plugin I could get things working, although it is a hassle do have to do each time, as I has to reload also the plane afterwards and, in the process, lose all GroundTraffic. The SALS plugin is not affected though. Then I moved every plugin out from the resources/
  9. Thanks alot guys! Kickremi: I was actually about doing this flight long time ago, in the middle of the winter, but got into other flights. There are so many flights to do...;)
  10. Thanks kickremi! I think you will get Macversion in a while
  11. Hi all, a new video! https://youtu.be/qvTD5zLG8g8
  12. I mean the description, text, under the video at the youtube site where the video is hosted...;) It is the Seward scenery by rudeboysheva (from the X-plane.org)
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