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    Certainly once we get all the 3D assets converted to the new workflow, a cargo variant would not be terribly difficult. We'll put this on the wish list. -tkyler
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    Slowly getting there (slowly being the operative word)
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    An update is in the works, and there are many fixes that have gone into it, including the pathway in the sky. The biggest issue is getting librain to work in Vulkan/Metal. A beta build of the update has been in the hands of testers, and librain integration, while making progress, is still being worked on, due to some VR issues.
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    Ok. That's what the problem was. I was not on 2.75. Once I updated the plugin, it worked. Thanks!
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    Hello, do you plan CARGO version 737-300F? Examples: TNT: http://ujeb.se/8RDK4 QANTAS: http://ujeb.se/TtY9k West Atlantic: http://ujeb.se/BSXkk Northern Air Cargo: http://ujeb.se/Eex4z CargoAir: http://ujeb.se/ogKhD
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    I'm completely satisfied with the level of after purchase support I receive on my X-Aviation purchases. Thank you to the developers and the sellers. Now get back to work...
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    Hi Bruce, That bug has been noted and we are working on a fix for the fuel prime switch. I haven't used nor have X-CPL plugin, but if it needs to configure weight and balance, flipping the "FSE Override" switch in the SR22 load manager reverts our custom loading system back to the default X-Plane system, so it can then be adjusted by other plugins.
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    Thrustreverser in VR TIP: What works like a charm for me is selecting the throttles with the RH controller (keeping the trigger engaged). Btw Ixeg, thank you for the dual throttle linkage. Going to idle is moving your RH controller fully aft (@IXEG a nice idle stop sound would be great to confirm that). Having the RH grip switch assigned to reverse toggle, I trigger that switch while still having my RH full aft. No need to hold grip switch, just a single press. Now moving RH forward increases reverse. Back to idle, press the grip once switch again and throttle control is normal again. It's very handy and fluid move on landing without hassle and without other hardware. @IXEG, I'd really love an idle-stop sound (or controller vibration), as in VR you don't look at the throttle state at that point and there is no tactile feedback.
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    First I want to say a big thank you for doing this update. I wish I could have given some feedback sooner but world events in the last 2 weeks have kept me busy. For some reason when I went to VR mode I lost all of my sound. I am still looking into this and was able to get the FT Sim fmod to work. It's not perfect either but I was able to at least have some sounds. I hate to compare to the ZIBO but right now I have found nothing easier to fly in VR, I use hard wired controls so VR is more view and switch movement. I found a few switches a little difficult. The APU bleed was hard to move from the Capt position. Also some of the buttons for the EHSI data were difficult to turn off for some reason. I do like the bigger green boxes on the switches of the Zibo Small nitpicking but overall it was amazing.
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    Hi @Stratosfeerick All brands/controllers have its own "personality" and the average sensivity setting may not be optimal, besides the personal preference factor as well tip: 1. textedit the file "vrconfigs.txt" found on your IXEG 737 root folder (make a backup first just, in case you do something wrong) 2. search for "radios" you should find a section that looks like below: BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav1_mhz ixeg/733/manip_placebo ACTION axis_knob -40 40 1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav1_mhz DEG_PER_ACTION 100 WRAP_MANIP END_MANIP BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav1_khz ixeg/733/manip_placebo ACTION axis_knob -40 40 1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav1_khz DEG_PER_ACTION 100 WRAP_MANIP END_MANIP BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav2_mhz ixeg/733/manip_placebo ACTION axis_knob -40 40 1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav2_mhz DEG_PER_ACTION 100 WRAP_MANIP END_MANIP BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav2_khz ixeg/733/manip_placebo ACTION axis_knob -40 40 1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_nav2_khz DEG_PER_ACTION 100 WRAP_MANIP END_MANIP 3. Change the value 100 to 300 i did highlight here in red for the nav radios Mhz & Khz knobs. You may play higher or lower if desired later note: you need to reload the aircraft to take effect hope this helps
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