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  1. Version 11.0.2


    This is a conversion from v9.60 to v11.41 of the Ilyushin IL-14 made by Andrey Kozyaruk (Felis, felisleopard@gmail.com) and Alexaner Babichev (Asso). This plane has a fully functional 3D cockpit, interiors, static elements, working doors and complex avionics. It comes with 7 additional liveries and the paintkit. The original plane has been released as freeware to the public domain. Here follows the text of the original license file that comes with the plane where there is no restriction to update the plane to the latest release of X-Plane: This pack contains model IL14P for X-Plane9.30 simulator This model is freeware and can be distribute by any way with notice auothor's name Comonents in directories /plugins/ и /Custom Avionics/ are free and ditributes under the GPL license and can be used in every way you want, in case of all autority and licks are reserved. See for plugin updates on http://code.google.com/p/sasl/ Autor of model, phisics and gauges - Andrey Kozyaruk (Felis) felisleopard@gmail.com Autor of plugin and its standard components - Alexaner Babichev (Asso) Enjoy.
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