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  • Laminar Releases Version 10.04 Beta 7


    Beta 7 is out now. Note that to get it you need the new 3.1 installer. If you try to run the old installer, it will give you an error; if you simply update from the "about box", the new installer will be downloaded for you.

    With this new installer, the installer and updater are one program. See here for more info than you ever wanted to know.

    Lots of new art!!!

    • The C-130 is included!
    • Lit textures on cities and more city facades.
    • Tuning of spill lights in the airport library to improve fps.
    • Tuning and revision to natural terrain textures and forests.
    • For users with the X-Plane 10 Global DVD, you will get Aerosoft's European airports if you install scenery for those areas, or if you update and have those areas already installed.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed crash when loading airplanes or quitting, introduced in beta 6.
    • Fixed crash at EDDM on Linux (due to ATC taxi layout autogen running off the rails.)
    • Fixed missing sky and clouds with P180, x737 and other wide panels when 4x SSAA and HDR are in use.
    • Fixed the nasty bumps that airplanes were seeing when taxiing on runways at high altitude airports.
    • Fixed multithreaded scenery load on Windows. This may help some users with flashing triangles.

    Rendering Engine & Scenery

    • Object exclusion zones now also exclude autogen, so scenery packs that get rid of default buildings now get rid of the v10 default autogen. There is not going to be an "Exclude autogen" - just use the objects exclusion zone!
    • Objects placed at high altitudes should now be at the correct location.
    • Latest apt.dat data from Robin included.

    Plugin bug fixes, included in this beta:

    • XPLM returns a version with an extra digit, to match v9.
    • XPLM load/save data file APIs fixed.
    • De-icing failure datarefs fixed.
    • Datarefs.txt now matches the sim.

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