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First impressions: instructive videos required


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Here we are - folks of internet, and virtual flight experts -, the IXEG B737 is on the market. Hurray!

After few hours of rollout, the video shares start dumping the latest episodes of our tryouts. I'm a bit disappointed of the early results.

That's, how the beginners want to drag up the bird from the runway - without the bare minimum of preflight preparations -, it is tragicomic.

They spent a money for a bounch of useless bits and pieces, and the product wont climb as they pulled back the stick, instead its bumping, shaking, screaming...that's a crap!

However, the "factory" supplied some boring manuals, but who wants to take care of them after 6 years of waiting?!.... Not me... - they would say.

Hey guys - dear simmers -, the flight industry - as a bare sum - is not a sandbox, not even in simulated scenarios! Please take time to prepare yourself before tryout, and do not claim for bugs when the plane misbehaves!

Dear Chief "instructors" over the Net,

if you decide to share your experience with sim like this, please follow the "good" practice - even it eats the expensive "idling" time of the final showcase. Do not present, how to start up the APU, then right after ignite the engines and go out to the runway to take off right after... The unity users do not know what, why, when etc.. they just try to copy your actions...they will be disappointed after the n-th not successful flight, and start flooding the support forums with annoying topics. Teach them, do not give hints them! Explain the procedures in easy to follow shape.

Here is one of the "brilliant" example, what am saying... Please do not share videos like this! Wait for the real experts, and learn the systems mean while!

I presume the IXEG B737 is not really finished yet. There are many uncovered bugs in the code - it is how thing used to be happen in the software development. If the product like this is "flown" by experts, and tested by experts...they know what, and why. We - outsiders - do not in such detail. Thats why the bugs come out to the light pretty soon. So, be patient, and take time to study the systems, before logging in the forum and start to cry, or claim...

Best regards,


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