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A 737 for X-Plane 10? FOR FREE? Yes you’re seeing all of this right. X737 has been around for a bit with there 737 project but never did they include a 3D cockpit (also known as Virtual Cockpit) in there products. Yes, it has an FMC, fully working overhead panel, Autopilot, LNAV, VNAV and so on. But today the Virtual Cockpit is well underway in it’s beta testing phase, which means its not far from release! If you’re an X-Plane user wanting to get a 737 this is the way to go and it’s free….. Check them out here.

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Well, no harm in spreading the word to those who haven't been tracking the development for the past 3-4 years ;)


- CK.


P.s. The x737 having been "around for a bit" is the funny part of the post, tho... I think that may qualify as the understatement of the week. I picked up the x737 in X-Plane 8.6 back in 2005-2006? Was the very first 3rd party aircraft I ever installed almost a decade ago.

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I have the v8 version around here somewhere.


Just to note: the plane itself, which is free, doesn't come with an FMC other than X-Plane's default. To get a an upgraded FMC you have to buy the x737 FMC, which is about $20.

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