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While it's not about X-Plane itself, but about real world flying, I find this website being a wealthy amount of good read and knowledge, especially the columns, especially the Pelican's Perch. What I admire the most in John Deakin's articles, is that they bring not only pure facts and knowledge, but also an understanding of many concepts regarding aviation engines and their operation. As well as a good bit of humour :) After the reading, my simming with piston engines has gained a whole new dimension and a greater perspective.

All right, the "X-Plane link" is that, I've found this website, while searching for articles and tutorials about "lean of peak", to make the most out of the Corvalis :)

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John Deakin's articles are absolutely fantastic.  I remember coming across them and reading the articles on engine management end to end...several times.  It's criminal that this material is not taught during basic pilot training. The mixture was always somewhat of a mystery to me...now I fly with confidence knowing that I'm getting the best economy that I can, and not harming the engine (real world, although I try to carry that over in the sim)

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