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Moving up to 4k monitor.

Jim Kallinen

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Been using a 1080p TV for a monitor the past few years and decided since I have a computer capable of 4K its time

to see it. But my old monitor was 42" and now my new one will onl;y be 32"  But with 4 times the res of my old 1080p



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I went for a "middle ground": BenQ BL3200PT


It has 32" and "only" 2560x1440 ... but this way, I have a bit more headroom for FPS (as screen resolution strains the GPU too - and with my usually maxed out settings, this seemed to be the right balance ... and it seems to fit this bill nicely)

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Thanks guys, but had already looked at those options when I was searching for a 4k monitor. Order was placed and shipping # already

arrived. Should have it by Thursday next week. Now to figure out what to do with my old wall mounted 42" monitor. Turn it back into a TV

like it was suppose to be. Already have 5 of them. Guess I will donate it to my other buildings social room. Get rid of that old dinosaur of

a TV that is in there. Going to have to clean up my desk to make this work, need a new home for my printer now to.

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Lessons learned with 4k gaming with Win7. Since the screen size is running at 3840x2160 makes
looking at the windows screen difficult at best when the icons are so small. Win7 has this nice
personalization you can change this from say normal, meaning what you get to 125% and 150%. I set
it up at 150% and can final see the icons. And able to work with menus and such. But when you say
want to run ROF or X-Plane 10, you must return the windows sizing to default or your ROF will crash
and X-Plane you loose menu function control. Took 3 days to get this all figured out. But so far
like in 4k on the Computer is beyond AWESOME.

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Well this just sucks, found a dead pixal mid screen lower right of center. Sent in my service tag and await Dell to send out my packing slip to send back and

get a new one. Thought it might be dirty but scrolling though web sites with white back grounds proved it was a dead pixal, really noticible on a 4k monitor.

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Enjoy the new "view" on the world. I have found anything > 1080p is a whole new ballgame for clarity and usefulness =)


- CK.


I know Chris K go with the "Wider is Better" Theory


Here's Proof:

Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor – U3415W
X-Plane on ultra wide curved display Dell U3415W


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If you have a 4k monitor that can handle HDR, more power to ya!  


I have been playing with my 4k monitor for about 6 months now and I turn off AA when running at 2160p.  I'd like to know what ppl are using for 4k in X-plane as well.  I tend to fly in 1080 when using x-plane as is performs much better on my nVidia GTX 770.  In 1080 is the only time I turn AA back on and usually it is only 4x.


I'm considering a 980 Ti, but I want to use the new SkyMaxx Pro weather with it.  I tend to use a lot of scenery as well.  



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