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Opencockpits Plug & Play Modules


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Anyone out there own any Opencockpits Plug & Play modules (very similar to GoFlight products)?...I purchased almost a year ago now the 737NG MCP, General Panel, Multi-Radio and just recently the EFIS module...the equipment works flawlessly with MSFS (which I hate) but I purchased them for use with the only true flight simulator program out there, X-PLane...they are advertised as X-Plane compatible but getting them set up to work is next to impossible unless you are a computer programmer...would like to know if anyone has had any success with this equipment and if so, can you share the secrets of how to grt things set up correctly...I'd appreciate any help I can get...here's the link to the site...really high quality hardware...thanks!



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In case anyone stumble over this old thread. There's an SIOC script for the MCP and EFIS for X-Plane support downloadable on the OpenCockpits page... but: It only supports the EADT 737NG (x737) as all MCP and most EFIS switches are directly linked to the custom datarefs of the x737.

There's a user on the "other" forum who's currently reworking the x737 script as the latest version of the plane changed a few things. He's also working on a script for the IXEG 737 as well as one for the FF 757.

In addition, I have created a SIOC script for the 737 MCP and EFIS as well as the A320 transponder and radio unit which adds generic support by accessing the default X-Plane autopilot and radios. I'll submit the script to OC for release once it's thoroughly tested. If you can't wait and want to try it now, just send me a PM or search for the thread on the "other" forum.



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