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Bede BD-5J


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I figured that it was about time this plane got it's own development thread as the modeling is nearing completion and I do plan on finishing it at some point.  It's obviously going to have a 3D cockpit and all that, the instruments are all already modeled in 3D despite not being all laid out on the panel yet. You can find some pictures below. The landing gear renders have been posted before but I'm posting them here as well so you can get a feel as to the level of detail I'm going for with this plane.





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Love the detail. I am building one for real, and this is the closest I have seen to the real thing. I have developed a new Wing profile I'd like to test and compare on X-Plane before flying my first test flight. Would you be interested in having a copy so you can create an optional high lift, low stall wing? Also, will you be creating a Prop version with the 21ft wings? I have enclosed the Wing Root Profiles and the Wing Tip profile. Also developing a winglet too, but that might be a bit more complex to sort out. Let me know if this is possible, and how I can get a model.

Cheers, OB

OBs MBD5 W1and W2 (Rotated .5deg and Overlayed).tif

OBs MBD5 W21and W22 (Rotated .5deg and Overlayed).tif

BD5B Left Wing Plan Comparo with OBs Wing and Slotted Flap.jpg

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