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Problems with 64bit

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Hello all! Recently I have been having problems with X-plane 10.20b10 64bit, I can't seem to get it to run 64bit. The only selections in the screen resolution box are 32bit, yet I am running the 64bit version of X-plane 10. Any ideas?


I'm using and iMac with a 2.66 GHz Intel Core I5 and an ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb 


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I wouldnt say it was stupidity.....I had a friend who had finished a 9 month computer tech course. He built a computer a month or so later for a client and couldnt work out why the speakers werent working, a quick phone call later to tech support he was asked if he had plugged said speakers in.........you can guess what happened next :)


It happens to all of us, so roll with it and have a laugh :)






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I know about computers so 64-bit means the the program goes faster and some old programs can't handle the main system running faster.


SOME old programs can run in 64-bit but some can't, if it works then your in luck.

For now stick to 32-bit or no bit, and remember this is a beta which means that some X-Plane files might be incomplete or might not look right.





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