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Experimental - AeroHawk98 UAV


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File Name: AeroHawk98 UAV

File Submitter: 98Aerospace

File Submitted: 21 Oct 2012

File Category: Experimental

X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 9


After thinking long and hard on how to make and get the most of our ultra modern day technology, the team at the 98Aerospace lab have created a remote control testbed aircraft capable of performing a multitude of experiments. We present to you the AeroHawk98 UAV, one of the most advanced UAV's out there. With a stall speed of 11 knots, and a max speed of 200, this aircraft is built only of the latest technology. Inspired to sail through the sky like a broad winged bird, it also looks beautiful in the sky and pushes stable UAV aerodynamics.

Powered by a small Bio-Fuel engine, the two props are held and rotated inside magnetically charged discs. (One of the latest breakthroughs in our lab).

To say least; this bird is built to test the latest 98 tech, and it achieves it's objective.

Flight testers advise:To land, get to a low airspeed and close to the ground, then open seedbrakes to assist keeping you on the ground until you come to a stop.

We hope you enjoy our enhanced x-plane experience.

- The 98Aerospace Team

Click here to download this file

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