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CRJ 200 V speeds, climb and approach questions.


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I've read the manuals and tutorials several times now, as I try to perfect my flying, but questions linger that my experience has yet to answer.

What is Vfto really for? AFACT, it's the MAX speed that I should fly after departure when I level off at about 4000' before I am cleared to climb to my filed flight plan altitude. Is this correct? In the Pilot Handbook, there's only a Vfto for 8 degrees of flaps, but then to the right of the Vfto, there are 4 other speeds listed between flight levels connected with left arrows. What are these for? If Vfto is for the first "step" in a step-climb then what are all the listed speeds and flight levels for? Descent?

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Hi Jagipson,

Vfto is you best rate of climb speed in a gear up, flaps up scenario. Typically, this is the speed a pilot would climb out at in the event of an engine failure during the takeoff/climb phase until all known obstacles are cleared.

Vfto is also used to determine at what speed it is safe to retract the flaps. In the case of the CRJ, use Vfto - 30 knots to retract from 20 deg to 8 deg, and Vfto - 10 for retracting flaps from 8 to 0 degrees. Most takeoffs in the CRJ should be accomplished at 8 degrees. Use 20 degrees for shorter runways and high altitude departures.

Unless you are single-engine, once flaps are retracted you can accelerate out to 250 knots and climb at that speed.

Hope this answers your question.


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