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Unable to capture SPEED (FLCH) in Autopilot


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I was able to program the FMS with a basic plan and couple the FMS HNAV functions with the Autopilot without trouble.

However, as I took off when my IAS approached 280 KIAS, I attempted to engage SPEED mode to maintain 280 so additional power would be used for climb. The FMS was already coupled and the AP was on, servos active. However the AP VNAV coupled with a green CLB 0, when I engauged the SPEED mode, the speed setpoint became 0, not my current speed. When I use the speed knob to increase the speed setpoint, it immediately snaps back to 0. I've even disengaged and even shutoff the AP and turned it back on, and the speed setpoint is never anything but 0. I think, in addition to that problem, that would make the jet climb to reduce speed, but instead it acts as though its in pitch mode.

What am I doing wrong here? Oh, and yes, the YD is engauged. .

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Speed mode is not for maintain the speed, but for climb. If you have already the speed where the bug is, the plane won't climb.. and it will continue gaining speed. What is does is pitch up or down the plane to have the speed you set, but what it does really is climb... that is the purpose of the mode.

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Speed mode is not for maintain the speed, but for climb.

I realize that SPEED is for climb (FLCH). I the problem is I'm at 150 KIAS and want to enable SPEED. When I press the SPEED, the bug should set to my current speed, 150 KIAS, not 0 KIAS. Then the PFD says CLB 0. When I try to correct this using the SPEED dial, the speed setpoint does not change. It remains 0.

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