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X-Plane 12.0.8 betas and DC-3


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With X-Plane 12.0.8.beta1 (and 2), a few system changes has been introduced, which affect DC-3. With that in mind, we have to clearly state that, Leading Edge Simulations DC-3 v2.0.3, officially supported version is X-Plane 12.07.

We are gathering info at this point of what changes needs to be done to be compatible with 12.0.8 and beyond. We are started working on DC-3 v2.0.4 version, that will support X-Plane 12.0.8 (stable) and above. Will not be compatible with X-Plane 12.07. The release of 2.0.4 will happen, after 12.0.8 become the official X-Plane current version.

As of now, the known issues are:

  • GPU is not working.
  • Fuel tanks selection does not work properly.

If you tested DC-3 v2.0.3 against the beta versions of 12.0.8 and have any issues, please post them here, so we could gather them all, and fix them. You can also post them over our discord servers. Other issues not fixed with 2.0.3, will be included in 2.0.4.

Thank you for your patient!

Ilias Tselios

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I see there's just been an update to 12.0.8b3 - these bug fixes look like they might be relevant:

  • Fix 737 – ground power avail light to be in sync with sim
    • The annunciator in the 737 would indicate based on logic that was similar, but not identical to the sim, thus making the light out of sync with the actual power. So, deleted the custom logic in Lua script that would handle the “ground power is available now” annunciator light in the 737 cockpit, and instead hooked up the annunciator to the actual GPU voltage available in the sim.
  • Restore fuel valves init to “any” for multi-engine planes
    • Restore fuel valves init to “any” for multi-engine planes with no 2D fuel selectors (this matches 12.07 behavior for C90, MD80, with no plugin setting the fuel selector on start up).
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