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737 Classic Xplane 11 version


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A while ago I asked how to get access to the Xplane 11 version of the classic, explaining that I run a fixed-base two-seat sim and a good friend who is joining me in the cockpit wants to download the XP11 version as both of us run XP11. I can't afford to update to XP12 as i run 3 copies of XP11 in the sim and it's a bit expensive!


You replied saying if he would buy a copy of the xplane 12 version of the 737 Classic then you'd be happy to provide access to download the XP11 version. All well and good.


He duly bought the XP12 version.


Since then we've had a bit of a problem. For a reason known only to the gods of the internet, his emails are not generating support tickets and as such you can't respond.


I get that you need a system of work which keeps tabs on what's going on. But we've reached an impasse - my further enquiries have met with the response that he should try again to raise a support ticket. He tried again still with no ticket raised. I have since raised two more tickets - the last one has not yet been responded-to (I've checked spam just in case).


I would really like to get this resolved in some way - I too am planning on buying the XP12 version in order to get access to a download for the XP11 version - I need another copy for my testbed machine. But I'm reluctant to part with the money until we can sort this issue with my friend.


Surely it's possible to provide us with a time- or copy-limited download link to resolve the issue?


I'd appreciate your help.


Many thanks,


Roger Harris.

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