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Just Discovered the Moo... Having a Blast!


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Hello all,

About a year ago I picked up the Q400 as my first turboprop (wanted to branch out and try something a little from my usual jetliner flights) and immediately was hooked on the unique handling (specifically landing) and visceral experience that two roaring turboprop engines provided... But now after a good while spent in the Dash, I've been wanting to find a new turboprop with a little bit more character... That's when the Moo caught my eye. And WOW! My first flight took a little while in getting to grips with how much of a handful she can be with each power setting (trim trim trim!), but even after just a few flights, I'm already getting my head around it and it's been just a joy to fly so far. I am also closing in on that perfect butter landing... I think my best so far has been in the -140ish FPM territory, but we'll get there. Anyway, that's all to say that you've got a magnificent product here and I'm a very satisfied customer. The provided documentation has also been very helpful too - big kudos on that! 


I do have a question that maybe someone has the answer to: while admiring the 3D model, I've noticed that the engine air intakes seem to be a bit bigger than most Mu-2's I've seen in pictures... Is this because of a different engine variant on our sim version? 


All the best and thank you for such a fine product,

- Cactus




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