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Rain Effects in X-Plane 12

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Anecdotally, it appears that rain effects are tied to clouds, that is; when flying under cumulus or cumulus nimbus clouds we get rain, no matter what the actual weather is. I can appreciate how hard this phenomena is to fix. Thinking about 1st principle modeling, it has to be tough to model when it rains versus when the clouds are saturated but not raining. My guess is that LR, (Austin Meyers) is thinking about this and trying to figure out a mathematical equation that can be dropped into XP12. We all want weather that is as close to the real world weather as possible. I'm sure that is not lost on Laminar Research.

X-Plane 12 is a fantastic program. It's still in its infancy. Even so, it rivals flight simulators with nearly unlimited resources. I can think of a half dozen things that I'd like to see fixed. I'm confident those things will be addressed. In the meantime, I'm enjoying it to the max, even with the current rain effects :).

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