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HotStart TBM900 not working on 2 PC 3 Screen X-Plane 11.55 setup - other planes work.

Bernhard Nann

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I have two networked computers each with X-Plane 11.55. On each, I installed the Hotstart TBM900.
Computer 1 runs the main monitor (center) and the Realsimgear G1000 panel and switch set
Computer 2 runs the left and right monitor
On startup each X-Plane starts fine. I set computer 1 to MASTER and select computer 2 for external visuals.

I start X-Plane on Computer 1 and on Computer 2. Communication between the two computers does NOT happen.
I start a new flight on computer 1 and select the TBM. Communication with computer 2 still does not happen (states "no response").
I start a new flight on computer 2 and select the TBM. Communication between the two computers now works fine (<35ms) and the external visuals show up properly on the left and right monitors even as I pan the view.


The panel switch indications (e.g. the crash bar) show up properly in the switch position that I set with the switch panel on the center monitor, but are wrong if I rotate the view from the center monitor to one of the side monitors.

Also, if I close the plane door on computer 1 it shows closed on the center monitor and open on the left screen (driven by computer 2). If I start the engine, it shows up properly on the center screen, but shows still shut down on the left and right screens.

Any trouble-shooting ideas?

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Hello Mr. Nann,

I live on Lake Samm. You just flew over our homes this morning. We don't have great windows - they shake. Could you approach from a different direction, and not so close?

Thank you for your consideration on this quiet Sunday morning. 

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