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X-Aviation Downloader Timing Out


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Any time I try to download and install aircraft with the setup files over the last 6 months, they time out. I've tried redownload the setup file from x-aviation, I have tried different internet connections and even two different wi-fi cards. I always get the same error and I am unable to install any aircraft. I can ping x-aviation.com with cmd and get a response and the downloader will download about half of the data, seem to restart and then gives me this error. Further more when It is downloading the files, the network activity will peak for about two seconds and the drop to zero for several seconds before rising at a smaller and smaller peak each time it drops back to zero. I am not sure what could be causing this issue, but it is starting to get aggravating as I have not been able to install the M20 Collection since I bought it back in February of this year



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