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Engine Will Not Start


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I've been trying, unsuccessfully, for 30 minutes now to start the engine on the SR22TN. I've followed the AIM instructions, the other topics I've found posted here, nothing works. Engine cranks, won't start. If I prime for 2 second, 10 seconds, or 0 seconds, same deal. No way to tell if engine is flooded or not primed enough. No amount of sitting and staring at the screen for fuel to drain then retrying works. I understand the goal is realism, but I've never witnessed a 22TN sitting on the ramp for hours cranking an engine that won't start, so I'm thinking maybe you all missed the mark here. I'd love to have repeatable instructions for starting the engine, or at least an Easy button that isn't "Start with engines running" (why would I pay for realism if I have to disable it?). Thanks for the help!

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