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I was testing having 1 airframe for FSE, 1 airframe for non-FSE but persistent location, then 1 airframe for freedom of location, but persistent with the airframe.

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Create an airframe in career mode.
  2. Fly that airframe somewhere.
  3. Close simulator and reopen (simulate a second date of flight).
  4. Upon loading into the sim, choose a different airport.
  5. Start flight and get into the Hotstart menu, I clicked on career mode
  6. Selected the same airframe and unchecked "Restore Previous Position".
  7. Clicked Enter FBO and loaded in.
  8. All was well.. it will load the new location but not all is well, at least when I went to the plane. I went to the plane, clicked on the door handle to pop open the square and nothing but the sound happened. Clicked it a few more times, nothing. I hit Shift + 4 which took me inside the plane, stood up and walked to the door. I could pull on the small handle in the center, but the big handle on the side was not working. 

Video Showing the Issue: 

Apologies for the fan in background, new headset and hadn't realized it was doing that.


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Still doing tests, but it looks like it's tied to the state of Colorado. I can load in to other states, but KDEN, KCOS, KTEX, and a few on the west side all get door jams. However, KLWC, KGLD, 46CA (california), KBFI, and so on are all okay. Tried with a stock plugin folder and I do not have any scenery for Colorado outside ortho4xp. Uploaded more logs

CL650_Logs_No Plugins.zip

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Could it be due to pressure changes? I tested in Helena MT, got screenshots in the below zip. They show KMCI with higher outside pressure than inside, works. But KDEN and KHLN have higher inside pressure than outside. Is there a way to get that to load in with appropriate pressure when loading a new location? I will sit here and wait to see it equalize and see if that lets me open the door then.



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Confirmed! I sat on the ramp for a good 5-10 minutes, let the internal pressure at HLN lower from 14.9 down to 13.2 and then it let me open the door from the outside. So I just need to be cognizant, that when changing altitudes of airports, I may need to let the plane sit on ramp for awhile. Is there any process around this otherwise? Of course for the sake of realism, one would not see a plane just teleported across the country, but for the sim layer, is there any faster workaround?

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Actually, thinking more on it, I think it should set that internal pressure to match when you move the plane. It would simulate someone else flying it there, say another charter pilot and then you coming in via commercial to then fly out of that location. So the pressure in those cases, would match as they would have had that door open.

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