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Want to have nice checklist fo Saab? Try this.

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Not sure if you guys use this or not, but I'll give you a nice tip for different checklist. I have assigned this to "0"-key in numpad, so I can access this checklist very fast and it has all the things I need. I currently use this for every flight and I hope you find this useful too.

I asked about it after seeing video from "Simulation Channel Deluxe" (very good simvideos from him!), it's visible at 8:47 on his Saab tutorial:


He couldn't tell who made it originally so I can't tell much about copyrights. I also made one modification to it. I added "HP Valves (ON)" before takeoff after having some issues with de-icings myself (they don't work when HP valves are closed).

Saved view "0":



This is how it looks:


What you need to do is save the included chart01.png into your Saab's chart directory. In my case my dir is: C:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Saab 340A\Passenger Variant\resources\charts

You might want to rename your original chart_01.png before overwriting. When starting your flight, select first chart on the chart "sidemenu"  ("01_YSSY_ILS16R.png"?) and you should have checklist on your yoke. You can probably edit chart_list.txt file to have a proper name for it if you want.


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