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XPLMMapOrientation not working as expected

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I'm using this function with SDK300:

XPLM_API void XPLMDrawMapLabel(
		XPLMMapLayerID       layer,    
		const char *         inText,    
		float                mapX,    
		float                mapY,    
		XPLMMapOrientation   orientation,    
		float                rotationDegrees);

...where XPLMMapOrientation is can have the following values:

Name						Value 	Description
xplm_MapOrientation_Map		"0"		Orient such that a 0 degree rotation matches the map's north
xplm_MapOrientation_UI		"1"		Orient such that a 0 degree rotation is "up" relative to the user interface


I expect that with 'xplm_MapOrientation_Map' my labels follows the north, meaning that they rotate with the map, while 'xplm_MapOrientation_UI' it does not changes orientation if the map underneath does.
The problem is that whatever value I put, the result is always matching the map's north and never the user interface.

Of course, if set any value to 'rotationDegrees' the label get rotate correcty.

The same applies to the Icons, for the function:

XPLM_API void XPLMDrawMapIconFromSheet(
		XPLMMapLayerID       layer,    
		const char *         inPngPath,    
		int                  s,    
		int                  t,    
		int                  ds,    
		int                  dt,    
		float                mapX,    
		float                mapY,    
		XPLMMapOrientation   orientation,    
		float                rotationDegrees,    
		float                mapWidth);


Any idea, suggestion or known bug?
Thanks in advance,

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