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Frames around the windows


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This image might have been made prior to a pretty significant rework of the interior during the latter stages of the development process, but I can't remember for sure anymore. The frames may have simply gotten lost at some point prior to initial release due to workload/whatever. Stuff happens. For 1.2 I'm hoping to do some more work on the interior which may see these items restored, but that's still a few months down the line. :)

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Ok, I see, I can wait 'till september :) That's what I call a "Long-term support"! By the way, thanks for your reply, and your creation is a very beauty, the panel is in pure metal, gauges are real and alive (great those needls vibrating), the reflections over the cover of the panel make you feel there,  and the more I fly it the more is a pleasure to fly.

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