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Took-off from S52 in the Aerobask Diamond DA62 and climbed straight out of the Methow Valley. Once I got through Twisp Pass and the mountains, I was treated to the scenic vistas of Mount Logan and El Dorado Peak. As I was passing by Mount Baker, the weather updated 1f615.png:/ The terrain radar helped me avoid the remaining mountains and I got through the clouds without incident. That is, until I saw the oil in my starboard engine was cold. Wasn't sure what was going on, so I pressed my approach into Bellingham International. The landing went fine and was just in time.

My right engine quit the moment I touched down 1f615.png

DA62 - 500.png

DA62 - 501.png

DA62 - 502.png

DA62 - 503.png

DA62 - 504.png

DA62 - 505.png

DA62 - 506.png

DA62 - 507.png

DA62 - 508.png

DA62 - 509.png

DA62 - 510.png

DA62 - 511.png

DA62 - 512.png

DA62 - 513.png

DA62 - 514.png

DA62 - 515.png

DA62 - 516.png

DA62 - 517.png

DA62 - 519.png

DA62 - 520.png

DA62 - 521.png

DA62 - 522.png

DA62 - 523.png

DA62 - 524.png

DA62 - 525.png

DA62 - 526.png

DA62 - 527.png

DA62 - 528.png

DA62 - 529.png

DA62 - 530.png

DA62 - 531.png

DA62 - 532.png

DA62 - 533.png

DA62 - 534.png

DA62 - 603.png

DA62 - 604.png

DA62 - 610.png

DA62 - 615.png

DA62 - 618.png

DA62 - 621.png

DA62 - 623.png

DA62 - 626.png

DA62 - 627.png

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