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Hello to all,

I fly out of KSRB in both reality, and in VR on an Oculus Rift. I recently purchased the newly released Tennessee scenery and just wanted to share my first impression. I'm sure that creating scenery is a daunting task, so I'll be careful not to offend the developer/s.

When my flight started in the new X-Aviation scenery, I looked around and first noticed no terminal. The realism, that I was anticipating to be far better than that of X-Plane, simply wasn't there. I haven't tried some of the larger airports yet, but i'm guessing KBNA for example, will be more detailed. 

Another anomaly was the difference in landscape with respect to the amount of trees, but more importantly, the color; the terrain has a blue tint to it. At altitude, the topography took on much more detail, as the local hills and lakes appeared more realistic, but on the runway, the 3D effect was undefined. For example, the transition from asphalt to grass was simply a flat plane with only faded color to define the areas of separation. 

Again, I'm not bashing the developers. Instead I'm simply sharing the reality of my first impressions with the scenery I purchased, and to be honest, had I previewed the rendition of my home airport in advance, I would have probably waited on getting the Tennessee Scenery as I'm guessing its still a work in progress.

As for now, I'm simply reverting back to X-Plane scenery until improvements are made.

Hope I didn't step on any toes, just giving my 2 cents 


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