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Hey everyone,

I'm working on a hardware home cockpit, but as I iterate on the design and fabrication cycles there, I wanted to show off what I've got going in software so far. I'm actually kind of surprised that this is working as well as it does, and to that end I hope to release it (as freeware) once I've got it to a state of my liking. So, anyway, do enjoy this little preview of my iPad TBM-900 control panel, using  TouchOSC and a small self-authored plugin to handle communication.



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Just started out on my own TBM 900 build. Had my first day in the workshop today and made a prototype of a panel.  Tuning in the laser settings and coating along the way. Correcting the typo to next time!:D  Maybe we could exchange some ideas along the way.


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@vehum Oh man, that looks fantastic! What materials and fab method are you using? I've never done any CNC work before (I'm a software engineer - the creation of physical things are heretofore foreign to me) so when I designed my GMC 710 I may have been a hair ambitious, as was made clear when I went looking for prototyping quotes. I *do* happily have the PCB for it designed, constructed, and working, but the enclosure / knobs (I know I could use any knobs, but I really want those distinctively-shaped garmin dudes) pose a, erm, budgetary problem. Turns out it's kind of expensive to 3-axis CNC mill single-run stuff, but I've been burned using additive methods before and don't want to pay for 3d-printing only to be disappointed again. Anywho, you can see the mechanical design here, and I'm happy to share the EAGLE file for the PCB as well if you'd like. 

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@awebneck  The panels are cast acrylic and planning to mill out the MIP in 3mm aluminum. I bought a CNC router and a laser engraver a few years ago to make the panels for a King Air simulator. As you see in the pictures below, I tried out a clear acrylic today, but it was extruded and not a good fit for machining. You can see the melted edges. Just ordered new white sheets meant for laser cutting.  Never finished the King Air, but it was a great learning experience. Even got me into a new product development job.     

You have done a great job modeling that GMC 710. But as you say, a model in 3D like that is costly to machine and prototype.   I have chosen not to include all the fancy outwards fillets and go for a more basic 2D build up of sheets.  Gives the same function, still looks OK to 1/100 of the price and 15 minutes on the laser. But if you like I can run your design by some of the prototype manufacturers I deal with in China after they are done with the new year's celebration.   I have an Ultimaker as well, but I'm not happy with the finished product. It doesn't get the smooth finish like the router or laser. It's fine for rougher parts.

Your PCB looks awesome. Just bought autoTrax this morning, but if you don't mind sharing it would be great. The PCB design and software are my weakest skills in this project. 
I can try to cut a panel to your PCB and see how it fits.





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