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Thrustmaster HOTAS FlyWithLua script for TBM Pedestal

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Hey guys, I created the following FlyWithLua script to apply to the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS throttle. This does the following:

- maps the flaps lever exactly (since the HOTAS throttle flaps lever has 3 detents and so does the TBM, this is a bit more realistic than the default "false-momentary" flaps behavior).

- maps the the smaller, left throttle to the mixture up/down a bit commands in 25% increments, so it simulates having the actual TBM900 throttle in the right-side track pretty well. The sectors of the axis are "SHUTOFF", "LO IDLE", "HI IDLE", "FLIGHT IDLE", respectively.

- maps the small gray axis to the emergency manual override control

Hope this helps folks! Just replace the axis / flap switch id numbers at the top of the script with those appropriate for your setup, et voila.


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I also ended up mapping the gray throttle thumb switch momentary (back) direction to "toggle thrust reversers" to simulate the throttle guard release switch that allows you to move the throttle from flight to beta modes, and the thumb hatswitch button to TO/GA, but I just did those in the regular X-plane joystick config.

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@Japo32 yeah, finding the axis numbers is a little hairier - I had to assign the axis I wanted to nothing, open the "<Xplane dir>/Output/preferences/control profiles/<your profile> - Joysticks.prf" file, then assign the axis to something random, and reopen that same file in a different window and compare the two to see which line changed from "_joy_AXIS_use<axisnumber> 0" to "_joy_AXIS_use<axisnumber> <commandnumber>". Once I found the line, the number I noted as "axisnumber" is the one you want to use. Hope this helps!

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