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Questions/Request regarding airspeed (on PFD (under the speed tape)) .000 and TAT gauges (with “Use ‘steam gauge’ engine instruments) 00.0 readouts

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The Questions/Request is regarding airspeed (on PFD (under the speed tape)) .000 and TAT gauges (with “Use ‘steam gauge’ engine instruments) 00.0 readouts.

The small issue (if at all) is not only affecting the IXEG 737, but also present in other X-Plane aircraft. I am referring to constantly (very fast) jumping of the values.

The gauges are showing exactly what the X-Plane values (that are feeding the gauges) being generated by the sim are.

So, here are my questions and request:

   1)   Do the weather values (airspeed (wind/pressure) .000 and (temperature) 00.0 in the real world change as quickly and as often as they are in X-Plane?

   2)   If the above is "Yes", are the aircraft gauges this sensitive to the outside changing conditions (wind/pressure (in this case I think wind only) and temperature)?

If the answer to the first question is "No" (this is X-Plane issue) and the second question is "Yes", is it possible to adjust the gauge output values to not react to unrealistic X-Plane generated data (“speeds” and “aircraft atmosphere”), so the readouts are not so jumpy for the last digit in the gauges?

Would you consider not to feed the X-Plane generated data directly to the gauges, but instead, read and predict (based on the craziness) what the value should be on average, and then input the values to the gauges (work around for the X-Plane issue).

I hope you understand what I am referring to.

P.S. I actually like the effect of the changing value on the main “steam” airspeed indicator.

Thank you.

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