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Scenery Development Status


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I think is due to do a recap on our scenery projects status to inform X-Plane Community. Our scenery developments  are divided in two categories. Our own developments and developments that we are in partnership with FSX/P3D counterparts, to convert their sceneries in a professional manner to X-Plane.

Few things before dive into details. For our scenery developments we have one scope; to provide the best possible quality in X-Plane. That’s all. Time/money/competition, etc are secondary considerations. Our promise is that when you take money out of your wallet to buy our products, you will never feel… “what a waste”! Product quality, prices, and support will always be top notch. And of course, always up-to-date with the latest X-Plane technological advantages! But, do not expect to give you any ETA!

One more thing. From now on, all of our developments will be X-Plane 11 compatible only. There are big differences (PBR materials, ground traffic, and many other features) that will require 2 parallel developments, a.k.a. 2 times the work.

Let’s start…

Our Developments: Lately we have changed the way we are working, to streamline it for faster development times. So far the results are quite encouraging! This way we can work in parallel developments more efficient!

KORD Chicago International: This is one of the biggest and more complex airports in the world! So the undertaking is huge, and our previous method of working was not good. A lot of delays…inefficient!Every airport has its own challenges, Chicago has a lot! One of the most iconic landmarks in the airport are the basins. Also there are 2 taxiway overpasses, and a few other mesh related features that are missing from X-Plane. We made the decision to provide our own meshes, in which we have built all that stuff! Problem #1: KORD sits the boundary of 2 dsf tiles! And cuts in the middle one of the basins! But we love (!) challenges, so we have made it!After the delays, we have restarted the project in full steam. Mesh has been re-edited, orthophotos reworked. We have the majority of the buildings done. We need to finish ground textures, lighting, markings, ATC/Taxi routes, custom jetways with animations, gates to be updated with Airlines’ codes. Most of them have been done to certain point, not finished yet.

Project “T”: A very iconic North American airport, on an island, near a city’s skyline! Completion about 30%. Will be announced shortly!

Project “L”: US West Coast airport in a Metropolitan Area. Completion about 10%. Will be announced later.

Developments under Partnership: 

LatinVFR: As you know, two weeks ago we have released the first product of our cooperation, KSAN San Diego Intl Airport. This is a “driver” project, and since is going very well, most probable this partnership will continue, but at this time, we have not anything solid. Of course, announcement will come, as soon as we have any development.

LatinWings: We have already released (by Aerosoft) the first of our product, a small Spanish airport, Sorria-Garray, and we have finished the development of another small one, Requena, which hopefully will be released soon.Currently we have under development, and probably will be the next release, LEVC Valencia International Airport. This is going to be the first, only X-Plane 11, product. Completion is about 70%.

As you notice our agenda is full! And on top of that add our planes developments! That’s for another article! Do not expect to give you any ETA, but we expect all the projects above that are under development to be released within 2017! Fingers crossed!

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