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Logitech G13 A Real Neat Hardware Addition


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After getting my flight rig sorted, both pc and peripheral-wise since getting the x-plane bug last year

I was setting up my newly aquired TrackIR for FS17 almost a fortnight ago, then realised i could do with more button inputs, well, who couldn't

As it happens a guy i subbed to on YT mentioned a G13

Having used Logi stuff for more years than i care to remember, i had a read about it, ordered one, and got it yesterday

Even though this is maybe an old bit of kit, it's really good

The thumb stick i set for view panning, of course a multitude of button configs to set to my liking over time

Best of all the default lcd panel/button colour is a nice blue, but you can make about any colour change you like, so i made mine even deeper blue

I run Windose 10 pro x64 flavour and logi support this with driver updates

So, being an older bit of HW, i'm really happy with it and what i've got it to do thus far

If you do require more buttons and a multitude of lcd display options, then this is really worth a look

Cost me £59.99 here in England, across the pond you can almost just swap the pound sign to the dollar lol (exchange rates ehh)

I was in the process of compiling a button box project, but tell you the truth, i'm putting that off until next year now, as this pads so good

Food for thought

Thought this might help anyone looking for a fairly cheap and from only using it for a short time it's a very well built bit of kit, the lcd screen is the same size as my G15 kb, the keys are soft push but precise, and the l'il thumb stick is just so sweet it's a joy (pardon the punn) to use

Have Fun



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