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HSI on the fritz


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Just wanted to report on some "interesting" phenomena I've experienced during my flight attempts in the Corvalis.

Lately, I've been so busy that I've had to break my flights up into 30 minute increments, stretching over a period of days.  So i'll fly for 30 minutes (checking in every few minutes to make sure autopilot crashed me), and then I pausinge x plane and coming back later.  In the process I've noticed that each day when I come back unpause the flight, the frame rate has taken a hit.  It gets so bad that by the 3rd day, x plane has introduced fog to reduce visibility to zero, and still the frame rate is choppy. But here's where it gets interesting.  Last night, in the midst of thick fog and a choppy frame rate, as I passed over the 3rd to the last waypoint, the autopilot, instead of turning directly toward the next waypoint, took a looping course and flew past it (instead of over it) then continued in a straight line.  As a test, I tried to redirect the autopilot to a different waypoint, but that threw it into a circular flying pattern.  Worse yet, even though the plane was circling, the HSI needle wasn't moving, and the heading indicator kept reading 279 degrees.  could this have had anything to do with halloween?  :D

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