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The Fruit Stand Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Yet again i thought i had x-plane 10 how i liked it

Started afresh, clean download install, went through all my sceneries etc, got ini in what i think is a correct order

So what did i go and do !! lol

Well, i updated a few libraries, and of course deleted previous versions of a few items, namely, the fruit stand

My airports remained pretty much intact, in fact i've added around another twenty

Looking really realistic now with hd mesh and a few carefully chosen plugins that give me no problems

So here's my problem and it's really bleeding annoying me now ...................

Quite a few of my previous no error showing airports are throwing up a dialog error box as i start x-plane, others show as i approach them

' Failed to find resource 'Fruitstand_Aircraft/B772_AALs.obj', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/AA KORD Chicago O'Hare KORD 1.01/' (many more but used this as an example)

That's to name KORD, am i correct in thinking it needs version 1.01 of the fruit stand ? because i've scoured the net and can't find any working link except the new 2.2 version, and of cause my previous backup version/s i've deleted grrrrrrrr

So if that needs v 1.01, and i can't find it or get a working link, is it logical i will have to find an updated KORD that works with the v2.2 ?

I cleared all these silly errors months ago, seems now i'm back to chasing stupid erros lol

Hope this makes sense

Help Much Appreciated



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Searching i found what is supposed to be a fix

This is for the fruit stand and also the faib aircraft library

Make sure FAIB lib is installed this way "\Custom Scenery\THE-FAIB Aircraft Library\FAIB-Aircraft" PLUS that the library.txt is included in the first folder ('THE-FAIB*').

Kinda like this ........

\Custom Scenery\THE-FAIB Aircraft Library\FAIB-Aircraft

\Custom Scenery\THE-FRUIT-STAND Aircraft Library v2.2\Fruitstand-Aircraft

Works fine using the above

Having deleted my older files, i had noway to compare the folder structure :(


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