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TorqueSim BN-2 Islander Props Pack 1.1

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About This File

Okay, so this is what it says on the tin ;)

It's 3- and 4-bladed props, built from my original Blender files for this aircraft. I know some people have been wanting these for a while.

They are literally modified meshes from the 2-bladed props, with transferred animations, changed deicers (to get the correct deice config on the blades), and use the same textures as the originals. They should be compatible with just about any livery, only caveat is that due to the UV mapping, fancy spinners (aka multi-hued) may not work.

The props themselves are still wearing the Hartzell colors. If you want different textures, I'll leave that up to y'all livery painters.


- Ulrich / Random'93



  1. Make a backup of propellers.obj and deice_boots.obj (located in the 'objects' folder of the Islander).
  2. Copy the propellers.obj and deic_boots.obj from either the props_4b or the props_3b folder into the Islander's 'objects' folder, overwrite, load up, and go.
  3. To revert, just restore your backup.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Added in 5-bladed MT propellers a la Pocket Rocket (thank you Steaven McKenzie for the 3d models and textures) and rendered out matching propeller blurs.

If you choose these, don't forget to back up the _prop.png textures from the main Islander folder!

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