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China Airlines 737-800 B-18652 (Zibo 3.31+) 1.0.0 1.0.0

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About This File

This is the China Airlines livery for the default 737-800 in X-Plane 11. This is my first time painting a jet, and I spent about 5 days trying to get everything perfect. I downloaded many, many photos for reference from multiple angles to make sure I have everything right. I even got to fly on the real plane in the middle of working on this livery.

I know a couple days ago another China Airlines livery was released by songlin, but this livery includes the new logo and slight adjustment in the position of the chin straps that happened after China Airlines joined Sk

Details included in this livery:

  • Skyteam logo
  • Chinese warnings on emergency exit doors (機門有中文緊急出口指示)
  • Taiwanese fire extinguisher (台灣品牌的滅火器)
  • Flap fairing tips painted red (China Airlines only did this recently to prevent ground crew from smashing equipment into the flap fairings)
  • (flap fairing 的尖端有圖紅色)
  • Windshield frame for cockpit windshied #2 and #4 is colored darker because it's darker on the real thing. I don't know why.
  • ETOPS marking
  • Accurate registration number font (I literally cut the tail-number from a hi-res photo and drew over it)
  • Accurate Boeing 737-800 logo
  • Accurate winglet stripes
  • Grey engine nacelles (default was too white)
  • Optional: Taiwan Flag! (有附帶中華民國的國旗)
  • Hidden Easter Egg! 

You can choose between 2 versions of the livery. One is the real livery, while the other includes Taiwan's flag next to the tail number. In the real world painting the flag on the airplane isn't allowed because of political pressure from China. The files are in png format and sized 4096 x 4096 and made in Gimp 2.8.14.

yteam in 2011. I also made sure this livery was as detailed as possible. This livery depicts B-18252, which was delivered May 2013.

DISCLAMER:im not from china
the next livery is going to be a CRJ900 as i told you in my previous post today  that im gonna upload a CRJ900 

BUT I have decided to also upload a livery 
the livery will be added/uploaded  tomorrow
for now stay safe and happy flying

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