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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I am a senior in aerospace engineering working on building a model of an aircraft my team and I are designing so that we can test fly it Xplane to get a feel for the stability and get a Cooper Harper measurement on it. I originally had my model in SolidWorks where I then exported as a .stl file to AC3D. From there I installed the Xplane plug in so that I might export the model as an object 8 object. My question is how do I bring this into planemaker? I have the steam version on Xplane 11 but I cannot figure out how to move it into planemaker. Thanks, Bret
  2. Krahazik

    What is an 'eagle-claw'

    Hello I am new. Working on building a new plane in Plane Maker 11 and I noticed a new field under Landing Gear that I have never seen before. The field is located on the panel for defining attributes for each landing gear the plane has. A field for eagle-claw length, which is right next to the field for leg length. My question is, what is the eagle-claw?
  3. If you, as me, had a hard trying to correctly paint the winglets, since they don't show up when you load the aircraft on PlaneMaker, here's what I did to overcome this, and also, help the reload to be faster. Duplicate your aircraft folder, and rename it as you wish (I called it "IXEG 737 Liveries"); Delete what you don't need for opening it on PlaneMaker and check your livery progress, in other words, these folders: cockpit cockpit_3D coroutes Documentation fmc_data scripts sounds Weapons Inside the objects folder, open the file "B733_Fuselage.obj" with a text editor; Search for the word "winglet". You'll find two lines like the one bellow, on them, change 0.0 0.0 to 1.0 1.0. ANIM_hide 0.0 0.0 ixeg/733/misc/winglets Save the file. If you want for the aircraft load faster on PlaneMaker (useful when making small adjustments on the livery) I'd recommend you to delete some of the OBJs and PNGs inside this objects folder. I deleted all related to the cockpit or the ground equipment. IMPORTANT: This is a completely unofficial way of doing it, and not endorsed by X-Aviation nor IXEG. Just a workaround. Do it at your own risk. If you don't want to risk any conflict, keep this duplicated folder outside X-Plane, and move it to your X-Plane/Aircrafts folder only when painting liveries. For the guys at X-Aviation and IXEG: I'm posting this in order to support the product and engage more livery makers. If by any change it brakes any rules, or you find it'll cause you trouble. Don't hesitate in deleting it. Cheers!
  4. gbesq1

    Plane Maker obj file problem

    I am new to X-Plane and the tools for developing aircraft. I am trying to replace the 3D cockpit on one of the aircraft so it matches the plane I fly IRL. I have successfully deleted the previous 3D cockpit and replaced it with a 2D cockpit created in Plane Maker. The plane works in X-Plane although obviously the cockpit view is not so good. So I need to create the 3D cockpit and I plan to use Blender and xplane2blender. A basic need is to export the plane from Plane Maker as an object file so it can be imported into Blender (2.49). This is what I get as an object file when I go in Plane Maker to "Special" then "Generate OBJ from aircraft:" A800OBJ TEXTURE Aircraft/General Aviation/TecnamBravo/TecnamBravo_paint.pngPOINT_COUNTS 0 0 0 0 This is the entire OBJ file for the plane. I get the same result no matter which plane I use - the fact this particular one is downloaded from the Internet rather than shipped with X-Plane does not matter. Nor is this a result of me replacing the previous 3D cockpit with a 2D one since I get the same useless OBJ file with all planes. I have seen lots of posts about exporting planes as obj files (usually to use as static objects at airports) which all reflect that this Plane Maker function works. I have the feeling (entirely appropriate for a noobie) that I am missing something very basic here. Can anyone help? Thanks