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  1. What is an 'eagle-claw'

    Hello I am new. Working on building a new plane in Plane Maker 11 and I noticed a new field under Landing Gear that I have never seen before. The field is located on the panel for defining attributes for each landing gear the plane has. A field for eagle-claw length, which is right next to the field for leg length. My question is, what is the eagle-claw?
  2. Hello, I always see you guys, talking about customizing a lot of standard behaviors of X-Plane, during the Classic's development. One of these days, while watching some real life videos of aircraft landing, one thing came to mind and I decided to chat about it with you. This is not a feature request or anything like that. Just curiosity! What do you guys think about X-Plane's modeling of landing gear suspension? Did you customized it? I'm asking because in real life, we always see, even on harder landings, the aircraft sitting down nicely. Actually, even on smooth landings, it has a nice effect of transferring the weight from aerodynamics to the suspension. But what I see in the sim, whether it's me flying or not, it doesn't happen. Seems like the bump force of the suspension is too high, so if you land smoothly, it almost doesn't compress at all, and if it's not that smooth (specially if you use 'runway follow terrain contours') it tends to do some small bouncing. I even played-back your "crosswind landing" video a few too many times to check it out, but the landing was so good, it didn't help. Here's a video of what I'm talking about: Jump to 1:05 and/or 2:25