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  1. yan_xp

    PFD/MFD graphic error on BAT/GPU

    Tried nearly all releases back to 6 month but no change.
  2. yan_xp

    PFD/MFD graphic error on BAT/GPU

    Could there be any relation to the Nvidia driver? I remember that I updated it a short while ago and it worked before so that might be the issue? Using version 417.22 currently (3rd December).
  3. yan_xp

    PFD/MFD graphic error on BAT/GPU

    Sorry here you go Log.txt
  4. yan_xp

    PFD/MFD graphic error on BAT/GPU

    What is silver lining and shrink wrap? There is neither a folder nor any file with those names in my plugins directory. Tried Gizmo only without success. I also reinstalled the aircraft into an empty plugin folder but there is still no other plugin except Gizmo.
  5. yan_xp

    PFD/MFD graphic error on BAT/GPU

    Hey guys, I got a strange graphic error when switching on BAT or GPU. The MFD is only showing the engine params and the checklist and on the PFD there is a window overlay in the lower left corner. Status before BAT/GPU engaged: Status on BAT/GPU while initialising: Status after Garmin confirmed: Things I already tried in XP11.26 without success: new airframe reinstall aircraft switching between VR and normal switching airport switching time of day In the log.txt there are some errors about navigation data (I use the latest Navigraph cycle). But I don't think that's the problem here. Greets Marten Log.txt
  6. yan_xp

    General Aviation - P.180 Avanti II

    Ask the guy at http://simvrlabs.com/ He did amazing configurations for various aircrafts and is an expert on that.
  7. yan_xp

    paintkit section mess

    Bad news but I will give it a try...
  8. yan_xp

    paintkit section mess

    I already did that and tried to create one complete fuselage template but unfortunately that does not fit either.
  9. Hi all, I have just updated the JS32 and checked the paintkit. The tail with its rudder is split up in two parts (see below). When I want to put on a Logo onto the full tail, I have to split it as well. But actually it looks like the two parts don't fit together (tried it with copying and transforming). So maybe it's a simple question but how do I have adjust the Logo that it is displayed as one Logo on the aircraft? In my example it's the blue part and I don't get them together. Merry Christmas to all! Greets Yan