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  1. riccardo74

    X-Plane 10 HD Mesh v2 - PREVIEW

    Thanks so much.
  2. riccardo74

    X-Plane 10 HD Mesh v2 - PREVIEW

    Thank you very much guys, I've red it would be available from summer 2013, logically an estimated time release, so any news on possible release?
  3. riccardo74

    X-Plane 10 HD Mesh v2 - PREVIEW

    Sorry guys I can't read entire topic, will be this a free upgrade?
  4. riccardo74

    MU-2 progress towards update

    Many thanks Tom. Will we be notified through X-Aviation via email when it will be released?
  5. riccardo74

    MU-2 progress towards update

    Sorry guys but I'm getting very confused, can you help me to understand better: MU-2 update 1.5 will or will not be compatible with xp10 64bit?
  6. riccardo74

    MU-2 progress towards update

    Hi guys, only now I've seen this post about MU2. I purchased this great aircraft in may, 2010 for V9. Is there any update I have to apply for my older version or the version I purchase din that date is the latest available? Many thanks in advance.
  7. riccardo74

    Mu-2 roll trim

    Many thanks Dozer. I use roll trim, but hand pilot this a/c is very difficult. I can't keep a safely straight-in flight. I must activate autopilot for a level flight. What are 1.5 feature update? any rumors?
  8. riccardo74

    Mu-2 roll trim

    I purchased MU2 in may 2010. Since that date any other update? I haven't really piloted a real MU2. But I noted in x-plane this aircraft has a BIG tendency to bank to the right and I make a great effort to keep it leveled. Is so difficult as in real one? or maybe I need an update it to fix this problem? Many thanks, Riccardo
  9. riccardo74

    With MU-2 from Milano Linate to Rhodos Diagoras

    ;D you are right Max, I forgot landing checklist ??? This aircraft is yet to new for me
  10. Like title said, hope you like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nXQvkJuDyw
  11. riccardo74

    MU-2 progress towards update

    Great update Tom! And when will be avalilable for donwload? I'm waiting the buil-in ADF.... :-)
  12. riccardo74

    Calculate V1, Vr and V2?

    Thankyou very much guy ;D
  13. How can I calculate V1, Vr and V2 f my MU-2? Are there some tables to reference to or some formulas? Thanks in advance
  14. riccardo74

    Any news?

    Thanks Cameron
  15. riccardo74

    Any news?

    @Japo32 is it possible to go more in deep with screenshot regarding FMS? I know the pages is not complete and fixed at all but just only to see how is it complex and detailed. Thanks a lot