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  1. For some reason, my download of the Washington State Real Scenery (which is excellent) seems to be missing the one-degree latitude / longitude rectangle whose immediate neighbors are Mt. St. Helens to the west, Yakima to the east, Hood River to the north, and Central Cascades to the south. The missing rectangle has, at its SW corner, latitude 46 north, and longitude 122 west. How can I get this missing piece of the Washington State scenery? Many thanks, Jack
  2. Hello, Cameron,

    I've enjoyed the Washington State scenery very much. I have a question:

    The one degree square south of the Hood River square and north of the Central Cascades square is missing, and this is obvious when flying over that area. It is the square east of Mt. St. Helens and west of Yakima.

    Is there a way that I could get this one-degree square to complete coverage of Washington State? 

    Thank you very much.

    Jack Connolly

    1. jackaphonic


      Following up, it would be the segment of scenery whose SW corner would be at 46 N -122 W, I believe.

  3. jackaphonic

    SkyMaxx Pro Version 1.3 Update Released!

    OK, Cameron, thanks. Updating my OS to 10.9 is a shaky proposition for lots of reasons, not least getting mysql to behave, dealing with the transition glitches, etc. So, I hope you succeed in achieving compatability with earlier OS's, or at least 10.7! Thanks very much for those efforts, and thanks for your very prompt reply. Best, Jack Connolly
  4. jackaphonic

    SkyMaxx Pro Version 1.3 Update Released!

    Hi, Anybody. Just installed 1.3 (iMac, 10.7.5), and SkyMaxx does no longer appears in the plugins menu, or plugin activation window. Can't adjust settings, etc. So, not sure if 1.3 is actually there. See images attached. Is some other plugin interfering? I re-installed 1.3 one time, but made no difference. Thanks for any help. Jack Connolly
  5. jackaphonic

    Valencia & Salamanca scenery

    Not a big deal, but seems that jrollon's runways at Valencia are about 50 above the otherwise established terrain. Thus, if one strays from the runway, one plummets down to the "lower level" and crashes. See the attached image. Any way to fix this? Hate to be so picky, but .. ..... .. . . well, with so sophisticated and fascinating a plane as the CRJ 200, these little things just bother one. jackaphonic CRJ falls off runway at Valencia.pdf
  6. jackaphonic

    Valencia & Salamanca scenery

    Thanks for the link. It worked. I had to control-click on the file in the listing, and choose download file from the pop-up menu. Just double-clicking the file in the listing displayed the text contents of the file on the screen. Also, never had seen a file with .7z suffix before. So, downloaded a Mac OS X program to decompress it, called EZ7z, and there was the folder 00_Valencia. Put it into Custom Scenery, and there we are, in Valencia. Thanks again, jackaphonic
  7. jackaphonic

    Valencia & Salamanca scenery

    Did visit the link: http://www.x-plane.e...ndexlist/index.php?dir=&file=LEVC_AKESOFT_febrero-2011.7z&AutoIndex2=1184025fda16ca35606830d938b7802e Only got: Not Found The requested URL /xp_resources/indexlist/index. php was not found on this server. Then I registered with the site, searched for LEVC, searched for Valencia, and nothing comes up. Any suggestions?