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  1. Issues with XEnviro 1.08

    I have the same problem. If I deactivate Xenviro 1.08, the Saab340 & IXEG737 work as expected. I sure hope we can get this fixed because I really like the planes & Xenviro 1.08. Regards, Bob
  2. Airspeed too low for climb

    nomdeplume, Thanks for the response. It turns out that the culprit was the way I had my Saitek X52 brakes configured. The parking brake would pop back on, without noticing. I reconfigured and recalibrated my flight controls, and now everything works normally. Regards, Bob
  3. Could someone please help me? It has been awhile since I have flown the Mitsubishi MU-2. I can’t remember how to get my airspeed up so that I can climb during takeoff. My airspeed is too slow to climb and will not go above 90 knots. I know there is a setting that I am missing, just can’t remember what is was. I have looked through the manual and tutorial and just can’t find it; just stumped. I guess I have been flying too many developer’s turboprops. Regards, Bob
  4. View Forwards With Nothing

    Breadwild, Thanks for the prompt response. I did as you suggested, and it works well. Regards, Bob
  5. View Forwards With Nothing

    I purchased the Plane and read all the documents, I cannot find how to set the Views. I am interested in the 'View Forwards with nothing' so that I can better see the runway. Normally this is accomplished using the [CTR-w] Regards, Bob
  6. SkyMaxx Pro v1.3.3 Update!

    SkyMaxx, I received your update e-mail and downloaded theSkyMaxx Pro v1.3.3 Update. Unfortunately when I try to load it I get repeated error messages regarding copying files from Gizmo. Please advise. Regards, Bob