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    No Response From X-Aviation Support

    Goran, That was the problem. I followed the link instructions, scaled to 100%, loaded the aircraft, scaled to 150% and started X-Plane. I am flying the plane now. Thanks for all the help. Keep up the great work! I own most payware aircraft available (X-Aviation & X-Plane.org) the Saab 340A is my absolute favorite. Regards, Bob
  2. RobertErdman

    No Response From X-Aviation Support

    I perform the following steps: 1. Unzip Folder 2. Select setup-windows.exe 3. I get an Info warning "Very Important! Please select your main X-Plane folder for installation. Do NOT select an aircraft folder! 4. I select "OK" 5. Setup -Beechcraft Duchess screen opens. It says"Welcome to the Beechcraft Duchess Setup Wizard" 6. I select "NEXT" 7. The X-Aviation Customer Purchase Validation opens. It asks to "Please provide your X-Aviation Customer details to validate your purchase" 8. There is no place to enter anything in setup screen provided. (attached is the actual size). There is no way to enlarge the size. 9. I select "Next" and receive the Warning "You need to specify a value" 10. I select "OK" and it returns to the X-Aviation Customer Purchase Validation screen. Regards, Bob
  3. RobertErdman

    No Response From X-Aviation Support

    I tried again, but I still get the same warning. Does this installer only work on X-Plane 10? I am trying to install it on X-Plane 11. Regards, Bob
  4. RobertErdman

    No Response From X-Aviation Support

    Never had to file a ticket in X-Aviation so I didn’t know the rule. On 9-2-2018 I purchased the Beechcraft Duchess. I enjoy the Saab 340A so much that I just wanted to support the developer. Unfortunately, when I try to install the aircraft I receive an error warning instructing me to specify a value. It will not proceed any further. Attached is the error message. It’s not a big deal, I was just trying to show my appreciation. Regards, Bob
  5. I have submitted two tickets regarding the Beechcraft Duchess Install Error (Ticket #15HS5 & Ticket #0U4HO) but no one has responded. I have been a long time supporter of the X-Aviation store and I am a little reluctant to purchase anything if they no longer support the products. Are they still manning the store? Regards, Bob
  6. RobertErdman

    Issues with XEnviro 1.08

    Thanks for the prompt response. Great airplanes! Regards, Bob
  7. RobertErdman

    Issues with XEnviro 1.08

    Any status updates for this issue? Regards, Bob
  8. RobertErdman

    Issues with XEnviro 1.08

    I have the same problem. If I deactivate Xenviro 1.08, the Saab340 & IXEG737 work as expected. I sure hope we can get this fixed because I really like the planes & Xenviro 1.08. Regards, Bob
  9. RobertErdman

    Airspeed too low for climb

    nomdeplume, Thanks for the response. It turns out that the culprit was the way I had my Saitek X52 brakes configured. The parking brake would pop back on, without noticing. I reconfigured and recalibrated my flight controls, and now everything works normally. Regards, Bob
  10. Could someone please help me? It has been awhile since I have flown the Mitsubishi MU-2. I can’t remember how to get my airspeed up so that I can climb during takeoff. My airspeed is too slow to climb and will not go above 90 knots. I know there is a setting that I am missing, just can’t remember what is was. I have looked through the manual and tutorial and just can’t find it; just stumped. I guess I have been flying too many developer’s turboprops. Regards, Bob
  11. RobertErdman

    View Forwards With Nothing

    Breadwild, Thanks for the prompt response. I did as you suggested, and it works well. Regards, Bob
  12. RobertErdman

    View Forwards With Nothing

    I purchased the Plane and read all the documents, I cannot find how to set the Views. I am interested in the 'View Forwards with nothing' so that I can better see the runway. Normally this is accomplished using the [CTR-w] Regards, Bob
  13. RobertErdman

    SkyMaxx Pro v1.3.3 Update!

    SkyMaxx, I received your update e-mail and downloaded the SkyMaxx Pro v1.3.3 Update. Unfortunately when I try to load it I get repeated error messages regarding copying files from Gizmo. Please advise. Regards, Bob