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    Cruise power - what am I doing wrong?

    Tasmanian Seems to me that you might be confused by indicated air speed and actual airspeed,or you might be flying into a head wind. Regards Wayne
  2. Wayne Roberts

    [SOLVED] Some visual errors/oversights I noticed

    Thanks Again really enjoying the aircraft well done to you all Wayne
  3. Wayne Roberts

    [SOLVED] Some visual errors/oversights I noticed

    I have restarted the X-Plane tried a couple of different aircraft and airports,then the saab ,with X-Planes internal weather set to cavok, and windy +real world weather and the props are behaving normally now. Why it happened the first time around ??? will let you know if it happens again Regards Wayne
  4. Wayne Roberts

    [SOLVED] Some visual errors/oversights I noticed

    Ok will try that and let you know in an hour or so. Wayne
  5. Wayne Roberts

    [SOLVED] Some visual errors/oversights I noticed

    Yess from from fresh start and with real weather on. The weather is calm in the uk. Wayne
  6. Wayne Roberts

    [SOLVED] Some visual errors/oversights I noticed

    I have a question might be a bug? When the plane is sitting for a period the props are turning slowly At first, but they spin up to what looks like full speed. This is after loading cold and dark and not touching anything. It happens with all versions of the plane. Wayne
  7. Wayne Roberts

    [SOLVED] Some visual errors/oversights I noticed

    I make scale rc aircraft I know what you mean about the time it takes Wayne.
  8. Wayne Roberts

    [SOLVED] Some visual errors/oversights I noticed

    Shane I, m not getting into a shouting match about this Its a great aircraft, try flying it instead of looking at it, I'm pretty sure the team spent a couple of minutes checking The dimensions before they released it. Wayne
  9. Wayne Roberts

    [SOLVED] Some visual errors/oversights I noticed

    Shane This has to be a joke ??????
  10. Wayne Roberts

    X-Aviation Releases Take Command! Saab 340A!

    Thanks to the team for all your hard work, Just starting to get to grips with her (first Flight) Wayne Roberts
  11. Wayne Roberts


    Why developers continue with there projects,after reading some of the comments that are written about them I was reading the posts about the upcoming 757 from Ramzzass. I was really disappointed by all the negative comments about it,it has not been released yet,there are only a few release pictures and 1 video. Its being compared to other aircraft,in a simulator that is always being updated and therefore allows more functionality to be added as time and updates go bye. I wounder how many of the people who do the picking apart of the aircraft, have the ability to produce such complex creations as these planes are. Wait until its released see how the first buyers feel about it,then make an informed decisions to purchase,don't rip it apart based on development picture or vids. Wayne Roberts
  12. Wayne Roberts

    DH-Comet 4

    Hello all The DH Comet 4 by Guy Montagu-Pollock This is a low poly Beta Model, the release version,has higher resolution and has a lot more detail looks amazing. for higher resolution screen shots and Video, Go to Guys site at http://www.dh-aircraft.co.uk/ its well worth a visit,there is lots of information about the real aircraft, and the build of the X-Plane version http://youtu.be/64FkHv6d6NU Regards Wayne Roberts
  13. Wayne Roberts

    DH Comet 4 coming soon

    hello everyone This is just a quick vid of the DH Comet 4 soon to be released by Guy montague-pollock dh-aircraft.co.uk,this is a beta version I have permission to post this from Guy he is still doing some final changes so it may look a ittle different to this version. However its a great plane fly's by the numbers has a busy cockpit, like the 727 has engineers station and Navigators station both functional . hope you enjoy the vid its my first atempt and better ones should follow Regards Wayne Roberts
  14. Wayne Roberts


    I have been flying the CRJ for a couple of weeks now no problems, But as of last night the FMC wont allow me to enter POS INT values to allow the INS to line up.I enter the airport code CYXE for example,then bring it to the bottom of the scratch pad,on pressing the 2L key is not working so I cant get the ins to align.Anyone have any Ideas on how to fix this I have tryed a reinstall with no joy. Thanks Wayne