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  1. flying humour

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. For example, being ex-Navy, I'm painfully aware of the mistakes in "Top Gun", but I still enjoy watching it. Same with a lot of Irwin Allen's work from many years ago. If the story and writing are decent, it works. If they aren't, well, let's not tempt the mods to censor and just say it doesn't.
  2. World's first website

    Strangely enough, I flew it at work, officially. Many tech people used it to test whether a PC was 'IBM Compatible', and FS was better at this than anything else. If the computer would run Flight Simulator, it would run all other IBM PC software.
  3. The B737 Classic Project

    No matter how loud potential customers, employers, or bosses scream, the angry wife still gets the fastest response...