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  1. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    EDIT: dupe post
  2. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Had a few free hours, was working on the XP11 update!
  3. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    There's always hope! In few days I'm finishing a work-related project and after that, I can finally get back to the Let!
  4. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Sadly, I can't say that...
  5. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Just a small update, playing with rain again Also, finally finished the CG calculation, so if you're not careful, you can easily tip-over the L-410
  6. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Just another day in the "office"
  7. Datarefs

    That's really weird, I'm not overriding the rain_percent... maybe the NOAA plugin? I'll have a look without the plugin loaded and see if does something funky Thanks for the clarification!
  8. Datarefs

    Hi I'm currently building a simple rain effect on the L-410 and I bumped into a problem: when I'm using NOAA weather with SkyMaxx, and SkyMaxx draws rain/snow, the rain_percent dataref can be still 0, as SkyMaxx using a different source for clouds/precipitation I'm wondering Is there a way to get the rain_percent or similar which is used by SkyMaxx? Thanks in advance! Mihaly
  9. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    That's the next step to figure out...
  10. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Just some WIP test
  11. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Yes, like I mentioned before, the v2 will be payware. But there's a long long way until then and will do small fixes and updates to the current free version as well. But bigger new features - like those above - are going to be in v2 only
  12. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Yes, that's the plan, to have a fully functional study level aircraft to the last switch... ;-) You'll see what's done and what's next when I'm finished with one feature, I'll keep you updated :-) but for now I'll make a small exception and give you some wip image ;-)
  13. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Spent almost the whole day re-writing the engine model from JS to Lua (http://x-plane.hu/temp/L410/model/ - you can play with the black and green handles to see the result) It was fun !@#%$$ Almost there, numbers are matching, there's a small bug where the calculation goes wrong, but I'll leave it now and focusing on the startup sequence. Also, engine probably catches fire if you intro fuel too early or being at max TRQ for more than 5-8 mins (weather, speed, etc dependent) And one which I really like: pitot overheating - don't forget to turn them off on approach or turn on too early while taxiing, you'll burn and no IAS meter anymore...
  14. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Loadsheet is a must-have these days for a study-level aircraft