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  1. Messy

    Unable to update to 1.1.11

    Hi Goran, wow what a simple solution. It worked a treat. Big thankyou to you and Cameron.
  2. Messy

    Unable to update to 1.1.11

    Hi Goran Thankyou for replying so quickly. I'm not very pc savvy so I hope I have done this right.
  3. Messy

    Unable to update to 1.1.11

    Hi everyone, 1.1.9 installed and activated. Downloaded 1.1.11 from my account and the update installer will not recognise my email address, I am now stuck on the purchase validation page. Tried the original 1.1.9 installer and that's now the same, so if anything happens to my current install it looks like I won't be able to reinstall the TBM. I have raised a support ticket and quoted my order number but still waiting for a reply. Tried installing as Admin, virus and firewall of, booted into safe mode, nothing works. Is there something I've missed ?