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  1. ruyjo

    X-Plane 11 Lighting and reflections

    Yes I agree, and the flickering is indeed an issue of which I wish it will be fixed someday. Glad you like the vid.
  2. Just showing x-planes capability in terms of lighting and reflections, starring not only the Zibo 737 but also the modified Avanti by Icarus.
  3. ruyjo

    British Airways for Default 747-400

    This makes the 747 a real Speedbird. Thanks for sharing
  4. ruyjo

    A350-900 XWB Completed!!

    I think they have learnt from the A380 and it's definitely not that Airbus has been sleeping during all the 787 problems. They sure have taken those problem risks in mind. Otherwise Airbus would be handling really stupid.
  5. ruyjo

    A350-900 XWB Completed!!

    It looks tremendous
  6. ruyjo

    Freeware 787-8 project

    Somewhere this century I think. Please, I know you're just wondering, but I think the developer knows a release date when he posts about it, so it isn't 100% necessary to ask about a date of release. And as far as I know, he hasn't began posting about that yet.
  7. At the time of recording at the ramp in the beginning of the video, the plane was nearly fully loaded.
  8. I've been working for a while on this video and the result sure is to be proud of if I may say. The Boeing 757 Professional is expected to be released this June (there is no specific date yet). I hope you'll all enjoy the video and will be persuaded to buy the product when it comes out.
  9. ruyjo

    X-plane 10 | Heaven

    Thanks a lot! I love the song too, that's why I used it
  10. ruyjo

    X-plane 10 | Heaven

    New video, the song is speeded up to prevent copyright issues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8gjY5kS5R4 Here's the backup on vimeo with the song at normal speed:
  11. ruyjo

    FlyJSim Dash 8 Q400 +new style of color editing

    Thanks, looking forward to see it!