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  1. pugwash

    Falco on 64 bit

    Cameron Many thanks for the prompt reply. I can well understand and will have to curb my enthusiasm until ... Just open that door and throw an occasional beer to Tom.
  2. pugwash

    Falco on 64 bit

    Any news on this being 64-bit yet? Would love to get this plane back in my personal hanger but time is passing and no joy - yet? Thanks
  3. pugwash

    1st MAXX-XP Sponsored Screen Shot Contest

    Grumman Goose at sunset Location: Just south of LDDU Dubrovnik, Croatia Addons: Skymax Pro, MaxxFX,
  4. Great plane but major problem here - help please. After about 2 minutes in the air the fuel tank selector switches to the off position and refuses to be switched either to Front or Back. Of corse crash is end result. Happens every time. If I change to another plane all is OK. Goig back to the Falco, the engine is off and will not allow e to start because of fuel tank problem. I am forced to quit X-Plane and restart and the same thing happens. I did install as directed and the pliugin. MACOS 10.6 X-Plane 9.45 ???
  5. pugwash

    Heading bug problem

    Hi tkyler Strange as it seems, it was the preferences. Dumped them and of course set up again. Now the heading bug works. Thanks for help. John ps just upgraded to latest beta 9.30b8 and all is still ok
  6. Hi there Bought MU-2 today and had a great flight just trying everything out. But having a problem with the heading bug. It seems to be fixed to 360. I have tried everything I know to drag it around to another heading and it moves as I drag. As soon as I let go of mouse the bug swings back around to 360. :-\ It must be something I'm doing wrong or not doing - any clues? Other controls seem fine. iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, MAC OS 10.5.6 Thanks John