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  1. Thank you guys!
  2. GoranR

    Password lockup problems

    It's all good now Cameron, thank you. I guess you guys should consider removing e-mail as login option if it doesn't work.
  3. This question is for more experience TBM'ers. What would normal cruise climb look like in TBM900? I mean at max. this plane climbs like champ, but I am guessing typical cruse climb profile wouldn't be as steep and is probably more fuel efficient to get shallower climb (or maybe not)?
  4. Whenever I change password I can login only once. As soon as session expires, which is fairly quick, password doesn't work anymore and locks account after 2-3 attempts. I tried typing password, copy-paste ... no go. Whoever is managing this website can check this in logs. I just did password change and I bet I wont be able to respond to this thread as soon as session expires.
  5. GoranR

    TBM is saying it's too cold in cabin?!

    Doors were closed and locked. Cabin pressure was good. I switch AC from auto to manual and jacked the fan and temp but no go for next 15-20min. I switched back to Auto again and it started working fine again. Not really sure what happened.
  6. I am at FL310, (OAT -44, ISA +3), SLtmp 32. I got message that it's too cold in cabin and should close the door?? ... or turn off the bleed. Not sure what's going on, doors are closed of course. Tried to max. out temp inside, put it on manual but no go. Nothing suspicous in plane otherwise, all parameters in green.
  7. GoranR

    TBM900 internal/external light issues

    That did the trick and I am glad it's me, not the plane :). Thank you Rob, I really appreciate you taking time to answer!
  8. I got into the plane yesterday at 1am local time, which is pitch black of course. First I couldn't turn on the flashlight, which I could before as I mapped it to ALT-L. I was poking around for a while try to make out buttons but ... no go, it was too dark. Since I couldn't see anything I changed time to daytime, start engine and then switched it again to 1am. All panels are working fine at this point and button inscriptions are fine as well but no ambient light at all. I turned on pilot/copilot overhead lights ... they light up but it's still pitch black in cabin. I turned on taxi lights, landing, pulse, strobe ... you name it, still pitch black in front of the plane. From outside view they are all turned on, bu they do nothing. Plane maintenance tab shows all green, X-Plane failures disabled. Not sure if this is TMB or X-Plane issue, wondering if anyone experienced anything similar and how you solved it.
  9. GoranR

    TBM 900 fuel incorrect?

    I did this yesterday while doing my OrundTheGlobe tour . I wanted to test endurance and it came pretty close to official numbers. Single pilot 90kg and 35kg of baggage in trunk. Aprox. 1774nm. Mostly at FL280-310 at 250kn. Once you bring her high it burns about 30-35g/h. I landed with couple gallons left.
  10. GoranR

    TBM-900 Condensed checklists

    Oh brother what a time saver, I was just about to make my own :). Thank you Coolhand!!!
  11. GoranR

    G1000, red X for rpm, NG and ITT

    That was it, thank you Rob!
  12. I got red X on MFD for RPM, ITT and NG after I turned on crash bar and engaged battery. All flags are removed and maintenance tab shows no issues. Any ideas? G
  13. Unfortunately I didn't record the flight, I should probably start doing it for sake of being able to back trace all the steps I made. Is there a log or something that could be examined for possible clues? Yes, very nice to see my name attached to such a great product
  14. Hi guys, Got TBM couple days ago and very much impressed with your work guys, congratulations! Anyway, I got my first engine failure above West Papua while I was cruising at FL280. Engine was all in green for about 2-3 hours and all if the sudden all engine parameters started going down slowly (NG, RPM, ITT). Toll-tip message at the top of the screen was saying something about "engine collecting oil residue" ... unfortunately didn't record exact message. I managed to land on local af and maintenance tab was showing damaged propeller, nothing else. Any idea what I did wrong or what kind of conditions can trigger propeller damage of this nature? Cheers